Let There Be Light


R.Dee is a Cinematographer based in Mumbai, India. He found himself drawn to the camera at the age of 18 when he first started taking pictures, later this passion took him towards Cinematography. He collaborated with some of the most talented, award – winning Cinematographers. As an Assistant he worked on some big Hindi Feature Films and Commercials. His extensive experience allowed many skills that he holds today as a Director of Photography.

Known for his high energy, naturalistic lighting, technical knowledge and excellent understanding of Art and Colour Palette he is able to work with any Director and tell stories.

“Working with R.Dee was a great experience. It’s very difficult to find such an enthusiastic cinematographer who is obsessed with his work. His framing is very unique. He manages to keep every frame alive and his strength is lighting. He understands the mood of the scene and works magic with the lights. His eagerness keeps the the unit on its toes all the time and hence work speaks for itself.”

– Behzad Khambata (Director of A Thursday & Blank)